Seattle Bainbridge Ferry

Seattle to Brainbridge Ferry Schedule – Summer Schedule

Not sure on layout. Needs to be easy to read. In sentence form is fine if it’s easy to summarize. Also not sure if summer and winter are the best way to divide it, or necessary.

Brainbridge to Seattle Ferry Schedule – Summer Schedule

Seattle to Brainbridge Ferry Schedule – Winter Schedule

Brainbridge to Seattle Ferry Schedule – Winter Schedule


Cash/credit card?
Return tickets?
Adult: $

Buying Tickets in Advance


Wait Times/Delays

-Are ferries ever sold out? Delays common?

With Vehicle

How does it work? Reserve in advance?

Traveling With Kids

Not sure there’s much to say other than repeating cost but still would like this section.
-The minimum age to travel alone on the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry is …

Taking a Bike On Board

Allowed? Cost? How it Works?
Maybe: Having a bike really pays off on the Bainbridge side as it’s super easy to bike to the town center …

Food On Board Ferry (or at ferry terminal)

Brief description with available restaurants/items.

Location of Terminal/Getting to Terminal

The Seattle-Bainbridge ferry terminal is a 5 minute walk from Pioneer Square and a 15 minute walk from Pike Place Market and downtown. To get there by bus take …

Location of Bainbridge Ferry Terminal

Description of location, what’s nearby, how far to walk to shops and restaurants.

Parking at Terminal


Photo Section

Things to photograph:
-ferry terminal (Seattle and Bainbridge)
-view of city from ferry
-view of Bainbridge as ferry approaches
-ticket booths
-ticket machines
-screen of ticket machines showing different buying options
-restaurants in ferry terminal (or near terminal)
-restaurant on board
-all seating areas/standing areas/outside viewing areas
-bathroom (Caption: There are bathrooms on board and they’re clean – or not – and handicap accessible.)
-vehicle boarding ferry (if possible)
-vehicle area of ferry
-bike area of ferry
-people walking on board with bikes (preferably without wearing helmets or helmets visible)
-restaurants, shops, main street on Bainbridge
-anything else that people might wonder about (Is there something interesting on board that people should seek out?)

Example Photos – In general these should be in the natural order of the trip

There are several ticket machines but they only take credit card not cash. (Would like most photos to be landscape, but if it really has to be portrait then that’s fine.)

Select Single Ticket for a one-way trip, 2 person-ticket for two one-way trips, ….

… If the machines are too intimidating (or you need to use cash) you can buy from the ticket booths with working people.

The information desk at each terminal are really helpful and they have 2 for 1 coupons for the Bainbridge Zoo.

The X95 bus (from downtown) stops right at the ferry terminal. Buses X35 (from Ballard) and X27 (from Queen Anne) stop about 200 feet from the terminal.

If you take a taxi asked to get dropped at the ticket booths. If you only say “ferry terminal” they’ll stop at the international gate which is on the opposite side of the building.

There are taxis waiting for most ferries on the Seattle side but not on the Bainbridge side.

Tickets for the ferry. If you bought a return you’ll get a separate ticket for the ferry back (don’t lose it).

First class seating on the ferry. Seats are the same but views are better since you’re on the upper deck.

Menu on the ferry.

Food carts come around the ferry with coffee and snacks.

Can even have photos of online stuff or screen shots of tickets.

Boarding the ferry: Ferries have a quick turn around and you only have 2 minutes to get on board before a ferry departs. When they announce to line-up get in line.

There is a large bakery on the upper level of the ferry. Everything is baked fresh hourly. (The bagels are my favorite.)

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